Daniel Wong

Exploration defines the attitude and thought behind Daniel Wong's work, with strong and delicate visual prints. Daniel Wong represents a modern and confident style of esthetic. This style and thought has been influenced by the richly cultured background of Daniel Wong's past: A mix of cultures.
Born in Canada and spend his childhood in Scotland living in Hong Kong, Taiwan, London and Milan these hybrid influences are the strong foundation of Daniel Wong's bold visual images. After graduating from Central St. Martins in London he gain the opportunity to work for Alexander Mcqueen in London where he was involved in designing shoes for the runway and pre collections. During this time he worked on the Platos Atlantis runway show shown in Paris.
Exploring for new horizons, Daniel Wong travelled to Milan and embarked on his MA in Istituto Marangoni. During this time he was discovered by Versace, which he started working for. After graduating Daniel Wong became the Print designer for the Versace House that includes Women's, Men's wear runway and also Haute Couture collections. Throughout this time he worked on over 10 different collections all shown in Milan or Paris fashion week.
The Daniel Wong label has a unique and impactful imagery inspired by the explorers of the past, the discovery of the future. Daniel Wong designs aims to accompany the strong minded to be Explorers of the world.

Daniel Wong 以「探索」定義其作品的態度和想法,並以強烈而細緻的視覺印花呈現,代表現代及自信的美學風格。品牌風格受Daniel Wong豐富的多元文化成長背景影響深遠。出生於加拿大,Daniel Wong的童年卻蘇格蘭渡過,並且旅居於香港、台灣、倫敦及米蘭,他深邃的輪廓也來自於他的混血血統。從倫敦的中央聖馬丁學校畢業後,Daniel Wong獲得在倫敦為Alexander Mcqueen工作的機會,為早春/秋系列設計鞋款。在這段期間,他也替Lady GaGa 的Bad Romance音樂錄影帶設計的鞋款,此鞋款同時在巴黎Platos Atlantis時裝秀上亮相。
為探索更新的視野,Daniel Wong前往米蘭的Istituto Marangon時尚與設計學院進修碩士。在求學期間他的才能被Versace賞識並開始為該品牌工作。畢業之後Daniel Wong 成為Versace品牌的首席印花圖騰設計師,包含男女裝成衣系列及高級訂製服系列。在米蘭和巴黎時裝週期間,Daniel Wong已經為Versace製作超過10個不同的系列,並且為許多藝術家及歌手設計服裝,包含Lady GaGa巡迴演唱會的服裝。
Daniel Wong獨特及具有影響力的想像源自於對過去和未來的探索,他的設計目標是為了成為世界的探索者,因此作品有相當強大的力量,能夠凝聚強大的心。